New Year’s CX Battle

Cyclocross CX Stuttgart

With rain pouring for hours, muddy hills irresistible to any tire narrower than 40mm and puddles that are close to shallow swamps, no one expected that this friendly race will test rider’s toughness and drain their their energy only one day before New Year’s. It overcome the boarders of cyclocross. Enjoy the gallery.

Ada Bojana & Kiteloop || Chill is Real [VIDEO]

Ada Bojana Kiteloop

ust came back from Ada Bojana being constantly surrounded by kites and winded to deaf –  truly one of the most positive places I’ve been to!
It’s just everything you’d expect from a relaxing vacation: infinite sand beach, shrimps, kitesurfing and an occasional jay. Therefore excited to share these chill vibes with you, which Simi and I caught in this video.

Hello Yuccie, hipster is dead cold


You still don’t get it. But you keep writing meaningless articles about millennials stating their age, mobile device possession as well as usage of social media. Its not about devices, nor presence on social networks. It’s about having your own direction to aim for, and for sure not necessarily in digital environment. The latest buzz word is Yuccie followed by academically identified Generation Z, what I’m …

Top 5 Coffeeshops to visit in Amsterdam

amsterdam coffeeshop

Whether you smoke, want to have a nice coffee or you’re just curious what is Amsterdam famous for, you are looking at the unique list well known to Amsterdammers and everyone who feels like one of them. Enjoy! 1. 1e Hulp Take a 10 min walk from touristy Leidseplein and discover this place that stands for the best quality and friendly service. Cozy interior presents a mix …

Living abroad: Home is where it hurts

studying abroad

Not so long ago you were in your cozy room Googling this destination every day, browsing through city To Do’s, and before you realized what happened, you are there. Despite being excited about what tomorrow is going to bring, with each and every move you make you just feel too responsible, like wearing a rough shirt or small shoes, you are uncomfortable. It has to …

How I became the Wall Street banker being 22

Wall Street intern

“Guys, guys, don’t worry, I have… SO MUCH money” – An intoxicated senior investment banker hailing a cab on the streets of New York City in the summer of ‘14. This is the story of David, who left Serbia at only 19, and dug his way into the world’s financial center. As someone who grew up in a country where the average monthly salary amounts …