Breakless thru Berlin || fixed42 [VIDEO]

Radrace fixed42 Berlin. Fixed gear

Just three weeks after quite a crash and in a half bad form, I rode the largest fixed gear race on the planet amongst other 500 lunatics. Officially called FIXED42 World Championships, it took place on 13.05.2018 in Berlin. Checkout the video below.

In parallel to the whole racing hype, another partner event called Fixed Days was taking place. Their organizers prepared some sprint and tracklocross races, group rides, track games, alleycat and other activities.

Chas Christiansen’s bike on Tracklocross
Group ride in the city center

After several chats with other riders, I decided to move from initially planned 48 x 14 gearing to 48 x 13. This combination results in 3.69 ratio, which, translated to the human readable language, means that if my cadence (number of pedal revolutions per minute) is 90, I would be able to reach the speed of 42.5km/h. Cadence of 90RPM sounds ideal for this kind of race, having in mind the duration, minimal number of curves and how flat Berlin actually is.

Start of the race was at Berlin’s suburb Ludwigsfelde, where the finish was at the famous Brandenburger Tor. Way to the start was an experience for itself. You are sitting in a train with around 100 to 200 fixie fanatics like yourself, who are placing their bikes wherever they can.

Starting positions were organized based on the average speed that riders may achieve for the 42km course.

  • 1-160 – Above 45km/h
  • 161-320 – 42-45km/h
  • 321-460 – 39-42km/h
  • 461-600 – 35-39km/h

Since I fell from the bike only one month before the race and therefore paused for almost three weeks, I decided to join the group that rides an average of 39-42km/h.

Official requirements were very standard for a fixed gear race. Tri-spoke wheels were not allowed as they can be super dangerous for extremities in such mass ppl races, and a bottle on the road can make a whole peloton crash.

  • No brakes. Track bikes. Fixed-gear. Lockring.
  • Dropbars only. No risers or bullhorns.
  • 18 spokes minimum. No tri-spokes.
  • Clicks or straps – no bmx pedals.
  • No waterbottles.
  • No helmet, no ride.
After the finish line

A tiny bit of nerdy Strava stats.

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