Essentials for starting a fashion blog

Do you know that some people say fashion blogs are dying? My opinion on that? Screw them!

Hi, my name is Milica and I’m a blogaholic. It means that I’m absorbing large chunks of fashion related information daily. Therefore, I was invited as a guest here to share my experience from blogging at Une-Autre-Chose.

For me blogs are like dinosaurs, maybe they will be all gone one day, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were super fierce once and as long as it makes me happy I’m gonna have one.

So if you are one badass dinosaur, who’s ready to start this beautiful hobby, here are few tips you should have on mind.


1. Start it for fun, not for business.

I think this is the most common mistake people make at the beginning of their blogging path, they think they’ll be the new Blonde salad or Kristina Bazan (or in my case Leandra Medine).

The cruel fact is that you probably won’t be, not because you are not creative enough but because in that race they are a lot ahead of you, and they will always be. I know a lot of girls who think blog automatically brings free clothes, fashion collabs and fancy events. Wrong!

To get there you need a lot of time, energy, hard work and luck, and even then you cannot be hundred percent sure that you’ll get there. So if you want this to be a pleasant and a “non pressure” journey, start it out of fun and patiently wait to see what kind of opportunities might come out of it.



2. Find time.

In my opinion this one is the most important one and the one I am the worst at. If there is a higher chance to see a Halley’s comet rather than a new post on your blog, then something is wrong. Imagine your own reaction if you had to wait for ages to read and see the new content that you like – I know I tend to get frustrated. To be clear, I’m not talking about postponing because of the private problem or because you need some time off, I’m talking about that “you’re hot, than you’re cold” kind of game, when somebody simply doesn’t want to make an effort and dedicate some time to his own Internet corner. So for this reason, if you really want your blog to grow (and glow) you have to organise your time very carefully and to give your best to post as regularly as you can.

For me, the easiest and the best way to solve this problem was setting a day in a week when I’d post something new, that way not only you give yourself a deadline but your readers know when they can come for their weekly dose.


3. A good camera.

If you are planning to have photos on your blog, this is a must! I won’t lie, it isn’t cheap, but investing in a good camera is always a good idea, not only for blogging but also as an insurance that you’ll always have a killer profile pic on Facebook.

People love seeing beautiful and clear photos and a good camera can make even the simplest favorite products, outfits or meal shinier and more exotic. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure to tell yours throw a good one.


4. Something you really love.

Hunter S. Thompson once said: “Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.” . To be honest it’s not that easy. In one moment I realised that capturing my #ootd-s isn’t really working that much for me when it comes to blood racing, but writing? Oh boy, indeed.

Do you know that even after three years of blogging and numerous outfit posts I am still super shy in front of the camera, I think I’m even more shy than I was before I started blogging. But when I have a story that I wanna tell, nothing can stop me to get up and write it all down. If you are going for the quality over quantity, it’s very important to be in love with your content and you should feel good about it. So basically I post my outfits now and then, and my blog is sailing in other direction, lifestyle and story teller one. Okay, I know, you might be kind of pissed right now, thinking “Wait, why am I reading about tips and tricks for starting a fashion blog from a girl who is evidently completely clueless? “, but we’re coming to the last one, and that is:


5. Stay true to yourself.

Never forget that your blog should be your playground and that you are the one deciding which games you are going to play. For me, blogging was never about free clothes or samples. It represents my own diary, the one that allows me to look back on some previous years and high five myself for some content or scream “Girl, what the hell were you thinking back then?”. Your blog is representing you and only you, and don’t lose yourself on this incredible, cyber journey. Good luck!


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