Hello Yuccie, hipster is dead cold


You still don’t get it. But you keep writing meaningless articles about millennials stating their age, mobile device possession as well as usage of social media. Its not about devices, nor presence on social networks.

It’s about having your own direction to aim for, and for sure not necessarily in digital environment. The latest buzz word is Yuccie followed by academically identified Generation Z, what I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter how you call it.

You seem forgetting what retro style floating from 70’s up to 90’s is. It’s a period familiar to them, born at that time or even later they cannot retrieve it but are smart enough to reuse it. Why would you always come up with something new when you can reuse something outdated that worked perfectly well. That’s the area where they step in. It’s not only about “mobile first” or “It’s not responsive”. Value is driver, app is just a tool. That’s how you get to come across cozy vintage barber shops and ‘back to the future’ coffee bistros or industrial eco shared community spaces such as DeCeuvel.

Yuccies are not conformists, not because they don’t like sitting in a 5k $ cozy leather sofa, but because the locale with a wooden chair taken from grandmas living room more often has a story and a vibe. Therefore, it inspires you to spend entire Sunday morning working on your own something.

You are surrounded with similar people, you are actually sitting in a massive co-working space surrounded by bunch of lunatics calling themselves Product Owners, however with a vision and a concept. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from, how much money you got and in which neighbourhood you live.

Its all about your experience and the one of a kind story about your life journey that you can tell.

That’s why comfort zoned people relate them to mobile devices, it is obvious that if you are sitting alone, shaping your idea, need to keep in touch with close people who cannot reach you on that Sunday or just your user and subscribers in case you already have a baked product. I admire those who come with pen and paper, as you can’t imagine the amount of new directions for such concept being born after coping it to the digital format.


What else do we know about them? They are utilisation and growth hacking freaks. Most often they came up to conclusion that purchasing something physically on-site and AFK (cool abbr. for living a life in real – Away From Keyboard) is a pure waste of time. You don’t get to compare prices, browse through ratings, sort and filter the way you want and finally consult with your friends about it.

Productivity and To Do lists are synchronised, data is stored on cloud and subscriptions from favourite blogs are chosen. Time is not to waste and you have to acquire new knowledge on the run. You listen to latest podcasts on the run and read kindle in the bus.

User generated media is your content of choice and you somehow manage to filter dozens od advertisements to match your choice since you can’t afford spam, information overload is what you already live with. It’s about sharing rather than buying.

Sharing economy startups are blooming, where renting/sharing an electric drill online for a day, because you need to hang a new picture on a freaking concrete wall, would cost you as much as one burrito. After writing a review the day after, both you and that fellow online buddy who earned a burrito out of nothing are facing win-win. And just like that you’ve just met more cool people in that not so big community.

They are tech savvy, often paying for online services more than for certain products. If a budget monitoring app such as Spendee perfectly matches your needs of simplicity and functionality, Spotify is your unique music online repository responsible for the fresh start and end of your day, and Pocket Cast as the best podcast app lets you easily search, browse and save your favourite audio knowledge sources, than hell yeah, paying for that kind of value you get feels like friendly contribution.

Not to forget the dark side keeper such as Hide My Ass, power station that keeps your apps in life such as Digital Ocean, Evernote premium to organise your life and bunch of gigs on Dropbox to save your nerves.

When it comes to contribution, Kickstarter is just a best place for staying up to date with the latest already hard to follow IoT trends which after all gives you a feeling that you are supporting a creation of the better world.

Riding a bicycle daily on a daily basis is so awesome again. There are so many things to do without a car, explore many more spots around, stay in shape, and try three different 6-10% Pale Ales without pressure.

Now you may wonder, why is it always about drinking a coffee while siting with your MacBook. Well, if your everyday is bombed by uncertainty where every action made by yourself is challenged based on the amount of value that its going to bring to a certain niche, why wouldn’t you just go for something that could bring you energy after 5 hours of sleep and make you smile while you take that first sip.

Stop judging people around you who seem like amateurs while they learn by doing. Don’t laugh and gossip when they fail as you already knew they will, 2 more years and Build – Measure – Learn cycles and they are out of your range.


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