Top 5 Coffeeshops to visit in Amsterdam

amsterdam coffeeshop

Whether you smoke, want to have a nice coffee or you’re just curious what is Amsterdam famous for, you are looking at the unique list well known to Amsterdammers and everyone who feels like one of them. Enjoy!

1. 1e Hulp

Take a 10 min walk from touristy Leidseplein and discover this place that stands for the best quality and friendly service. Cozy interior presents a mix of oriental and arabic influences while comfortable sofas and proper ventilation just force you to stay for hours.

Since there are not so many tourists here, its a great place to meet the locals, they call each other fellow smokers. Reviews from Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory highlight Amnesia haze, Strawberry Sour and Sweet n Sour as a MUST try.

1e hulp

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2. Grey area

You see 10 people standing in the line that spreads on the half of the Oude Leliestraat street? That’s Grey Area! Only 3 small tables,home style conversations, loud music and a bunch of stickers and signatures on the walls, this Specialty Weed

Shop was visited by the world’s famous artists such as Cypress Hill, Snoop Dog, Dj Angelo, Zion Trane, Dj Sneak and many more. The shop has won may High Times Cannabis Cup Awards over the past 15 years and there are several winners on the menu.

grey area coffeeshop

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3. Dampkring

I recommended this place located near the famous Amsterdam Flower Market  to all my friends who visit Amsterdam: “You don’t have to buy/smoke or whatever, just get in and take a look”. Vibrant hindu interior, sleepy cat called “il Gatto del Dampkring” as a proud resident, and two girls behind the bar make you feel like you’re in the movie.

Not far from truth, Dampkring is famous for being in the movie Oceans 12 with Brad Pitt and George Clooney, and they have even named a strain after the film. Buy a 2€ grinder as a souvenir, try some Lemon Haze and sweeten it up with Strawberry Milkshake!

Coffeeshop Dampkring

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4. Voyagers

You can literally ‘Wake and Bake’ here since this is basically a smoker-friendly hotel. Voyagers has a coffeeshop and a reception in one room where the dealer also acts as the hotel receptionist.

No wonder what make is a perfect stop by station before any trip since its located next to Amsterdam Centraal Station. Holy Grail is undoubtedly the most famous strain coming from this place.

Coffeeshop Voyagers

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5. 420 Cafe (de Kuil)

Named after the most important Cannabis holiday, 420 Cafe features chilled atmosphere, wooden interior and lots of space to sit which makes it a good choice for group visits.

The friendliest staff I’ve seen so far maintains laid back atmosphere, plays good music and serves a nice espresso for only €1.50. 420 Haze and 420 Kush are by far the most popular strains here.

420 cafe

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P.s. Stay away from Bulldog.

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